David Marks

David Marks holds a BArch from the University of Texas at Austin, has over 25 years experience in Interior Design and Prop Styling, and is ready to help you make everything look better. 

Palm Springs / San Francisco / The World

SAY HI: reallyactual@davidmarksdesign.com

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Chris White

Chris White, color expert and style ace, brings a unique set of logistical and event planning experience to his role as project manager and co-owner of Actual Interior Design. After restoring several houses during his twenty years as a college professor and LGBTQ rights activist, he moved to Palm Springs and switched careers to focus on his love of good design and historic architecture.

Chris holds a PhD in Health Promotion and believes that living in well-designed spaces surrounded by the things you love is key to living a healthy, fulfilling life.

Palm Springs / San Francisco  / The World

SAY HI: reallyactual@davidmarksdesign.com

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